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2022-07-27: News Headlines

Editor (2022-07-26). Facing Felony Trial, Joliet Police Whistleblower Who Exposed Black Man's Death Retires. scheerpost.com By Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter A Joliet police sergeant in the state of Illinois, who leaked footage to the press and blew the whistle on the death of Eric Lurry, has been pushed into retirement as a result of retaliation. Sgt. Javier Esqueda has been on desk duty since he released video and faces …

WSWS (2022-07-26). Under threat of arrests, trucker protest at Oakland Ports enters second week. wsws.org The striking truck owner-operators are continuing to fight for their livelihoods as the ports deploy police to prevent a social explosion as dock workers remain on the job without a contract.

Peoples Dispatch (2022-07-25). 9 Arrested in Police Crackdown on Protests in Tunisia Ahead of Constitutional Referendum. towardfreedom.org Several human-rights defenders and progressive activists were detained during a mass protest against authoritarian moves by President Kais Saied, reports People's Dispatch.

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