Do Black Lives Really Matter to the Militarized Police?

Do Black Lives Really Matter to the Militarized Police in America?

The Case of Jayland Walker

Frequently updated playlist. (2022-07-04).  Akron Police Shoot Unarmed Jayland Walker 60+ Times, Protests Erupt: Report (2021-03-09).  Biden’s AWOL Executive Order on Police Militarization

Biden didn't rein in police militarization with an Executive Order like he said he would (2021-02-08).  No thanks, Obama

Domestically, Obama arguably made it his mission to harm Black Americans. His administration contributed more heavily to the militarization of the police than any president, leading to an overwhelming increase of police brutality in Black America. (2013-07-10).  7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization (2016-09-16).  If You Thought Obama Was Giving Less Military Gear to Local Police Departments, You Were Wrong