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2022-07-12: News Headlines

Mark Gruenberg (2022-07-11). Declare a National Emergency to deal with the abortion rights catastrophe! peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—In the wake of protests from coast to coast, and peaceful civil disobedience—including arrests in front of the White House—pro-abortion activists say Democratic President Joe Biden can and should do a lot more to protect their rights and even their literal safety against anti-abortionists. That demand occurs even as they praise Biden's executive order that …

Editor (2022-07-10). TAIBBI: Activism, Uncensored: Akron Explodes in Protest After Police Killing. scheerpost.com By Ford Fischer and Matt Taibbi / When the concept of bodycams was introduced, a lot of people thought it would be panacea, leading either to the end of police brutality or the easy weeding-out of bad actors. One might remember Barack Obama

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