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2024-04-11: News Headlines

WSWS (2024-04-11). Multiple students at Pomona College in Southern California arrested for protesting against Gaza genocide. wsws.org In a vicious attack against democratic rights and freedom of speech, nineteen students were arrested Friday at Pomona College in Southern California. The students were arrested at the college president's office after holding a sit-in opposing the university's previous crack downs on pro-Palestinian protests.

| Name (2024-04-11). CPJ calls on Jordan to free photojournalist Ahmad Mohsen. middleeasteye.net

WSWS (2024-04-11). Argentine pseudo-lefts denounce Milei as a "traitor to the Fatherland" wsws.org The chauvinism of the pseudo-left again serves to disarm the working class politically, facilitating the efforts of the fascist Milei to succeed where the earlier dictatorships failed.

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