2024-02-29: News Headlines

newarab (2024-02-29). BHM: 7 Black American activists who stood up for Palestine. newarab.com "Black folks have always been about Palestine". That was the response of travel writer Imani Bashir on X, in response to a tweet by "Barely four years after George Floyd's murder, many young Black activists have landed upon Gaza as their next social justice journey. But this deepening alignment — this 'movement-mooching' — reveals something far more d…

Bilal G. Morris (2024-02-29). Was Trevonte Jamal Shubert-Helton Lynched? Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Georgia. newsone.com

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2024-02-27: News Headlines

Editor at NewsOne (2024-02-27). Leonard Cure Update: Federal Lawsuit Names 'Extremely Aggressive' Georgia Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Driver. newsone.com The family of Leonard Cure filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia police officer who shot and killed the exonerated Black man, 53, during a traffic stop last year.

WW Buffalo Bureau (2024-02-27). Buffalo police kill a Black man — yet again. workers.org On Saturday morning, on Buffalo's East Side, police shot and killed a Black man — yet again. Edward 'Eddie' Holmes was a brother, father, and grandad. He was a chef, skater, biker, mechanic, and loved cars and cowboy hats. (Quote: Black Love Resists in the Rust) The version presented by . . . |

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2024-02-26: News Headlines

Eileen Kinch (2024-02-26). 'Black Liturgies' book offers prayers for Black-centered spiritual liberation. anabaptistworld.org The Sunday after the murder of George Floyd, the liturgies of Thomas Cranmer weren't cutting it. In her latest book, Cole Arthur Riley describes logging in to an online Episcopal church service that day, grapes and hot Cheetos close at hand. "And I waited, knowing what I've always known: that there are days when it …

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2024-02-25: News Headlines

sputnikglobe (2024-02-24). Crisis Can't Be Solved in Few Hours, Macron Tells Enraged Farmers Who Stormed Agri-Fair in Paris. sputnikglobe.com French farmers stormed into a Paris agricultural fair before a planned visit by President Emmanuel Macron, protesting over costs and regulations. Shouting demands for Macron's resignation, they clashed with police, leading to at least one arrest. The protests come amidst wider discontent across Europe's farming community.

| Our Correspondent | (2024-02-25). Opp slams authorities for arresting workers. tribune.com.pk The opposition parties on Saturday lashed out at the authorities for resorting to baton charge and arresting their supporters, terming the move an "ambush on democracy and mandate", and announced observing Feb 27 as a "Black Day". | Earlier, in the day, police in Karachi took into custody dozens of workers of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as they entered the high-security Red Zone in violation of Section 144 to protest against the alleged rigging during the Feb 8 general elections. | The opposition parties announced a jo…

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