2024-03-18: News Headlines

| Our Correspondent | (2024-03-18). Demand for arrest of writer's murderers quashed with force. tribune.com.pk The human rights defenders, the social media activists and political workers on Monday condemned the Larakana police that restored baton charge to disperse the protest held by Hidayat Lohar's family, relatives and supporters on Sunday near Larkana Press Club. | The police after the tussle with the protestors held some participants, including Sasui Lohar and Sorath Lohar, the daughters of Hidayat Lohar. | The protest attended by the literary figures, journalists, social and political activists was organized to demand the arrest of murderers of Hidayat Lohar, who was killed in Naseerabad on 16 February. | Number…

Ed Rampell (2024-03-18). On the Chisholm Trail: Dramatizing the Story of the First Black Woman Presidential Candidate. progressive.org Netflix's new biopic chronicles Shirley Chisholm's trailblazing presidential campaign.

Dan La Botz (2024-03-18). Biden's State of the Union Launches His Campaign Amid Protests. internationalviewpoint.org "Many Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim voters as well as Blacks and younger voters may sit out the election. " | – | / |

Editor (2024-03-18). Internet 'gardeners' resist the communication blackout of Gaza. mronline.org Since October, Gaza has been an internet black hole. But the Italian NGO ACS has helped build a network of e-SIM internet hotspots known as the Gazaweb.

newarab (2024-03-18). 'You've starved us Sisi': Dozens arrested in Egypt protests. newarab.com The Egyptian Network for Human Rights (ENHR) announced on Saturday that dozens of protesters were arrested on Friday by The protests occurred in the Dekheila suburb of Alexandria, near the upscale seaside resort of Agami. | Activists circulated a video on social media showing a sizeable crowd protestin…

newagebd.net (2024-03-18). Oxfam accuses Israel of 'intentionally' blocking aid to Gaza Anti-poverty charity Oxfam on Monday accused Israel of intentionally preventing the delivery of aid into Gaza during its war with Hamas, in violation of international humanitarian law

zawya.com (2024-03-18). Oxfam says Israel 'deliberately' blocking aid to GazaIt alleged that Israel was defying an order by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in January to boost aid in Gaza

english.palinfo.com (2024-03-18). To force Israel to deliver aid to Gaza, Human Rights Watch urges halt to Israeli armament The Human Rights Watch organization stated that countries must impose sanctions on Israel and prevent its arming in order to comply with the International Court of Justice's order to deliver basic assistance and services to the Palestinians in Gaza.

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