2024-03-14: News Headlines

Dan La Botz (2024-03-14). Biden's State of the Union Launches His Campaign Amid Protests. internationalviewpoint.org "Many Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim voters as well as Blacks and younger voters may sit out the election. " | – | / |

infobrics (2024-03-14). Kiev's rift with neighbors widens as it continues flooding EU with cheap grain. infobrics.org Many have forgotten that American companies own much of Ukrainian arable land. Corporations such as "Cargill", "DuPont" and "Monsanto" are among the most prominent ones. The likes of "Vanguard", "Blackrock" and "Blackstone" are the largest shareholders in the aforementioned agricultural giants, owning trillions in assets. Together, these massive transnational corporations own over 17 million hectares (or around 30%) of all arable land in Ukraine, making it impossible to hide their role in the ongoing crisis.

Michael Zoosman (2024-03-14). From "Uncle Tom" to Willie Pye: Abolishing the Racist Legacy of the Death Penalty. counterpunch.org Georgia is poised to execute Mr. Willie Pye, a Black man, on March 20th, the very same day that Harriet Beecher Stowe's seminal work Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in book form, to global acclaim, in 1852. Many are likely unaware of this date's historical significance, but as someone who grew up not far from the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford, CT, it is an alignment that strikes me as significant. This certainly unintended synchronicity highlights yet again the unmistakable link between slavery and the death penalty, and the fitting use of the same word – abolition – to apply to the movements to end bo…

newarab (2024-03-14). South Africans fighting for Israel in Gaza to face arrest. newarab.com South Africa's foreign minister says her country's citizens who fight in the Israeli armed forces or alongside them in Gaza will be arrested when they return home, deepening the rift between the nations after South Africa laid accusations of genocide against Israel at the United Nations' top court. | Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor made the comment earlier this week at a Palestinian solidarity event attended by officials from South Africa's ruling African National Congress party. | She also encouraged people to protest outside the embassies of what she called the "five primary supporters" of Israel and its mili…

Peoples Dispatch (2024-03-14). Brooklyn marches for Palestine on International Working Women's Day. peoplesdispatch.org The peaceful demonstration was met with aggression as the protesters were attacked by NYPD officers. Dozens of protesters were arrested at multiple actions that took place across the city as well.

Lauren E. Williams (2024-03-14). Breonna Taylor's Mother Addresses New Bill That Would Finally Ban No-Knock Warrants. newsone.com

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