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2023-02-15: News Headlines

Ben Rosenfeld, CounterPunch. (2023-02-14). Police Accountability Is A 'Non-Starter' Without Discarding The Qualified Immunity Doctrine. popularresistance.org Some reps in Congress assert that dismantling qualified immunity ("QI")—a police officer's so-called good faith defense to a civil rights lawsuit—is a "non-starter" in negotiations to pass the George Floyd Civil Rights Act. In reality, meaningful police accountability is a non-starter without discarding QI. | QI is a regressive framework which has turned federal civil rights lawsuits into sheer games of chance with bad odds. Under QI, the Supreme Court instructs judges to apply a two-pronged analysis, in a specific order: first to examine whether the right sought to be vindicated was clearly-establish…

americanthinker (2023-02-15). Maybe the media should ask Mayor Pete why he supports prevailing wage laws. americanthinker.com Pothole Pete is worried about too many whites working construction, but doesn't oppose a law explicitly designed to keep blacks out of federally funded projects.

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