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2022-09-01: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-09-01). Columbus, Ohio, cop fatally shot Donovan Lewis as he was sitting up in bed. wsws.org Columbus Division of Police bodycam video shows officer Ricky Anderson push a bedroom door open in the middle of the night and shoot 20-year-old Lewis while the young man was sitting up in his bed.

Ann Brown (2022-08-31). Black Pastor Handcuffed And Arrested By Police For Watering Neighbor's Flowers, Thought Of As Suspicious. moguldom.com Imagine doing a good deed for a neighbor and being arrested for it? That is what happened to a Black pastor in Alabama who was arrested on May 22 while watering his neighbor's flowers. Now Pastor Michael Jennings, who is a former police officer, is speaking out about the recently released body camera video from …

Staff (2022-08-31). Outrage After Ohio Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man Donovan Lewis in Bed. commondreams.org "Columbus police think that they are the judge, jury, and executioner," said one activist in response to the 20-year-old's killing. "It's time that this police department is held accountable."

WSWS (2022-08-31). Hate incidents targeting Quebec's religious minorities spike after passage of CAQ's Bill 21. wsws.org To counter mounting working class opposition, Quebec's ruling elite is using the campaign for the Oct. 3 provincial election to intensify its promotion of chauvinism and nationalism.

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