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2022-10-24: News Headlines

_____ (2022-10-23). From BLM To Generation U: Uprising Persists In Today's Labor Movement. The BLM movement may have left the streets, but its spirit lives on in Generation U and the fight against worker exploitation — combining the dynamism of social movements with the strategic position of labor to fight capitalism. | The United States is witnessing the phenomenon of Generation U. This generation is an expression of the shifted consciousness of young workers today — workers who are embracing socialist ideas, are in favor of labor unions, and who are challenging exploitation either through leaving their jobs in large numbers, or challenging corporate behemoths like Amazon and Starbucks dir…

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2022-10-19: News Headlines

_____ (2022-10-17). Victory In Detroit Will Breathe Lawsuit Against The City Of Detroit. Detroit, Michigan – Today, Detroit Will Breathe and individual plaintiffs have accepted a historic offer of judgment extended by the City of Detroit that includes over 1 million dollars — $5,000 awarded directly to the organization, with the remainder divided amongst the plaintiffs. This offer of judgment resolves the case in our favor and means that the federal court will rule that the City of Detroit and the Detroit Police Department violated the constitutional rights of protestors during the George Floyd uprising of 2020. | Regardless of what the City might say, this judgment is a victory for the movemen…

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