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2021-11-28: News Headlines

Fight Back (2021-11-27). New Orleans rallies in solidarity with Kenosha: 'Throw Rittenhouse in jail!'. fightbacknews.org New Orleans, LA – On November 20 at noon, a crowd of 50 New Orleanians gathered in front of City Hall to rally in solidarity with the people of Kenosha, and to protest the unjust acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. | As the event kicked off, rally attendees voiced appreciation, noting they found the action online after searching for a local response to the issue. Speakers across organizations stressed the importance of such a moment, placing the trial's decision into context with progressives' fight against white supremacy in the U.S. | "How is it that Kyle Rittenhouse got months and months and months of airplay? Th…

Fight Back (2021-11-27). Appleton, WI: Students, community members protest Rittenhouse verdict. fightbacknews.org Appleton, WI – Minutes after the verdict was reached by the jury on the afternoon of November 19, Appleton Students for a Democratic Society called an emergency action in response to the vigilante murderer Kyle Rittenhouse being wrongfully acquitted of all charges. Appleton SDS was joined by Sunrise Fox Valley, students, members of the community, along with comrades from FRSO, United Action Oshkosh, and Food Not Bombs in the rally against the Rittenhouse verdict. Many members of these groups were present during Kenosha's uprising last year following Jacob Blake's attempted murder by a white policeman, Rusten Shes…

The FRG (2021-11-27). Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) – Bend Over And Spread 'Em! indybay.org In another example of a corrupt police force, gone mad with power, in November 2021 the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Provost Marshal announced that he has ordered his Gate Guards and Military Police to conduct random TSA-Style frisk searches of people seeking access to the military base near Tacoma, WA.

Jallicia Jolly (2021-11-27). [Perspectives] A reproductive justice response to HIV/AIDS and COVID-19. thelancet.com Lana is a young Black woman living with HIV in Kingston, Jamaica. A mother of young children, she was concerned about what COVID-19 would mean for her pre-existing diagnosis. During the COVID-19 pandemic she has struggled to find psychosocial support groups, consistent access to antiretrovirals, and employment opportunities to maintain her health and support herself and her family. Pam, a middle-aged HIV-positive woman in Detroit, MI, USA, is a caregiver and local HIV organiser who provides emotional and social support to other newly diagnosed people.

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