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2021-11-10: News Headlines

George Yancy (2021-11-09). George Floyd Isn't in the Headlines, But Trauma Continues for Black Men Like Me. truthout.org George Yancy's edited book,

Joris Leverink (2021-11-09). Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Capital in the Attic. roarmag.org Season 3, Episode 24 — Capital in the Attic: | In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey talks about the real players in our capitalist society who operate outside of the market system and are accumulating massive amounts of wealth. Players like Carlos Slim, the Koch brothers, Stephen A. Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone, reside in the "attic," where real wealth and real power are being assembled, argues Harvey. | You can support this podcast on

Staff (2021-11-09). Security breach over jurors' identities in Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. rt.com The Wisconsin judge in teenager Kyle Rittenhouse's murder trial has ordered tougher measures to protect the identities of jurors in the case after someone was caught filming them as a bus arrived to take them to the courthouse. | "It was reported to me…that this morning, at the pickup, there was someone there and was videorecording the jury," Kenosha County District Court Judge Bruce Schroeder said on Tuesday as the trial entered its seventh day. He added that officers approached the person and required that the video be deleted from his or her smartphone. | Judge Bruce Schroeder says that someone was record…

Staff (2021-11-09). Headlines for November 9, 2021. democracynow.org Climate Activists Blast COP26 Draft Statement for Failing to Phase Out Fossil Fuels, Police Raid Glasgow Squat Housing Climate Activists Protesting COP26, Coronavirus Cases Surge to Record Highs Across Some European Nations, As U.S. Opens Borders to Vaccinated Travelers, Asylum Seekers Remain Trapped in Mexico, Poland Mobilizes Thousands of Troops to Belarus Border to Bar Entry to Refugees, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Wins Fourth Term After Arresting Opponents, Crushing Dissent, Israeli Spyware Found on Phones of Six Palestinian Human Rights Activists, Justice Department Brings New Charges Against Ransomwa…

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