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2021-07-20: News Headlines

G. Dunkel (2021-07-20). Under imperialism, multiple crises deepen in Haiti. workers.org Haitian authorities have arrested Colombian mercenaries and Haitian-Americans and charged them with participating in the July 7 assassination of Haitian President Jovenel MoàØse. But murky questions still remain: Who organized the attempted coup? Who paid the mercenaries? Who will benefit? In Haiti, a crowd gathers around a car carrying the . . . |

Staff (2021-07-20). 25 July, New Jersey/NYC: #BlockTheBoat — Mass Picket to Stop Apartheid Israel Zim Ship. samidoun.net Sunday, 25 July 6 am (updates TBA — subscribe for text alerts!) Maher Terminal 1210 Corbin St Elizabeth, NJ Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/500776417869221/ Alert: Ship schedules can change at the last minute. Please sign up for text updates. To sign up for SMS updates, text your name to 833-320-1973 The #BlockTheBoat NY-NJ Coalition is returning to Maher Terminal after leading the first ever Palestine protest at the Port of New York and New Jersey last month. Join us as we mobilize for another community picket line to let ZIM — apartheid Israel's largest shipping company — know that they…

_____ (2021-07-20). 'Feed 'Em All!' Fridge With Free Food Now Open In Maywood. popularresistance.org On an early Saturday afternoon, about a dozen residents and local organizers gathered in Maywood outside of the childhood home of Black Panther icon Fred Hampton. Armed with boxes of fresh whole corn, cherries, peaches and greens, they stood ready to stock a new community fridge that will provide people access to food 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Honor the Earth (2021-07-20). Winona LaDuke and Water Protectors Arrested: Horse Nation to the Front Line. indybay.org Winona LaDuke, executive director of Honor the Earth, was among the women arrested today defending the Shell River from the construction of Enbridge Line 3.

_____ (2021-07-19). Americans Are Calling For Freedom In The US. popularresistance.org The hashtag #SOSUSA became one of Twitter's top political trends this weekend, as thousands of Americans posted calling for freedom in the United States and protesting poverty, police brutality, and a lack of free healthcare. | Many of…

M Adams (2021-07-19). The Future of the Movement for Black Lives. zcomm.org Urban rebellions blossomed into mass mobilization upon George Floyd's death. Now what?>

Saqib Sheikh — Elise Arya Chen (2021-07-19). Challenging Supremacy: BLM, Palestine and the Struggle for Equal Rights in Burma. counterpunch.org The recent outbreak of violence between Israel and Gaza in May, which resulted in 248 Palestinian and 12 Israeli lives lost, may just seem like the latest in a series of tragedies in that region. Yet this clash may actually mark a turning point in the long-running conflict. What set it apart is not the

Rainer Shea (2021-07-19). Gaza: a Vision of What Capital & Empire Intend for the Rest of the Globe. orinocotribune.com By Rainer Shea — Jul 17, 2021 | In this era of decline for U.S. imperialist hegemony and contraction in capital, colonialism increasingly asserts itself through crude and haphazard exercises in profit-driven brutality. Like how the Roman empire during its era of decay

_____ (2021-07-19). Seven Water Protectors Protesting Line 3 Pipeline Arrested at the Shell River. commondreams.org The Paris-based agency slammed rich governments for promising to "build back better" but refusing to "put their money where their mouth is."

Kali Holloway (2021-07-19). Our 'Racial Reckoning' Is Turning Out to Be a White Lie. thenation.com Our 'Racial Reckoning' Is Turning Out to Be a White Lie…

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