2024-07-01: News Headlines

newarab (2024-07-01). Turkey arrests at least 15 protesters at Pride rally. newarab.com Turkish police detained at least 15 protesters in Police declined to comment. | The Istanbul Governor's Office said earlier on Sunday that the Pride March would not be permitted. | Turkish police blocked central Istanbul to prevent the march from taking place, shutting down metro stations and blocking traffic on the main streets.

Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. (2024-07-01). Trump/Biden Debate Immigration: US Foreign Policy As A Driver Is Ignored. popularresistance.org The contestants squared off in the first of the US presidential debates of 2024. Both wore identical white shirts and navy suits with American flag lapel pins. One wore a red tie; the other a blue one. There were other differences, but none quite so substantive. | The immigration issue dominated the debate. The challenger claimed that the country was being menaced by immigrants — marauding hordes of rapists, murders, and mentally ill. They were the ruination of the nation. Social Security and Medicare were jeopardized by the alien element. Immigrants endangered the jobs of blacks and Hispanics.

NorCal AntiWar Action (2024-07-01). Fill Roseville Jail with Calls. indybay.org Roseville PD violently assaulted and arrested protesters, call the South Placer County Jail to demand their freedom.

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