2024-06-11: News Headlines

Matthew Rozsa, Salon. (2024-06-11). Climate Change Activists Gear Up For A Summer Of Dissent. popularresistance.org "We have a series of many events," said Pumarol. "We are planning direct actions throughout the summer." | For three months starting on June 10th, they plan on shutting down the headquarter of Citibank, a financial institution that helps fund fossil fuel exploration. They also plan on staging a protest where humans dress as orcas, the iconic cetaceans that have been targeting yachts at least since November. "I think it's been a source of inspiration for many activists. We're also going to have a day where scientists are going to get arrested in front of city headquarters, and we're going to have a day where elder…

themoscowtimes (2024-06-11). Zelensky Says Russia Destroyed Half of Ukraine's Energy Capacity. themoscowtimes.com Months of Russian strikes have caused severe power shortages in Ukraine, leading to regular blackouts, President Zelensky said.

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