2024-05-09: News Headlines

The Peoples Art Institute, Left Voice. (2024-05-09). The People's Art Institute Denounces Police Attack On Student Encampment. popularresistance.org The People's Art Institute, constituted by SAIC students, announced our encampment situated in the AIC's North Garden, on Saturday morning, May 4, at 11: 30 A.M. The goals of the encampment were clear: to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to demand SAIC and AIC divest from entities profiting off of the occupation and genocide in Palestine. | Students began setting up and by 12: 05 P.M., CPD was onsite and an arrest warning was issued. CPD started kettling protestors on the sidewalk at the corner of Monroe and Michigan and removed them from the North side of the garden with extreme force.

WSWS (2024-05-09). University students protest against Gaza genocide across Europe. wsws.org Inspired by anti-genocide protests on campuses across the United States defying a nationwide crackdown coordinated by the Biden administration that has led to thousands of arrests, students are occupying university halls and facilities across the continent.

WSWS (2024-05-09). Australian youth and students call for immediate release of Ukrainian socialist Bogdan Syrotiuk. wsws.org "Alongside Bogdan's arrest, students protesting against Israel's genocide in Gaza are being suppressed around the world."

Phil Pasquini (2024-05-09). GW Encampment Shut Down by Police; Students Arrested. indybay.org Pro-Palestinian student protesters and others at the George Washington University tent encampment were arrested after failing to leave university property in an early morning coordinated police action. Around 03: 30 after having been warned to leave the university property and threatened with arrest for failure to do so, a coordinated police action by campus police and 500 Metro DC officers began clearing the area at University Yard (U-Yard).

bwitanek (2024-05-09). Immediate Release: CAIR-NJ Welcomes Teaneck Arrest of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Pro-Palestinian Protester with a Knife. fightbackbetter.com CAIR-NJ Welcomes Teaneck Arrest of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Pro-Palestinian Protester with a Knife (NEWARK,‚ÄØNJ, 5/08/2024) —‚ÄØThe New Jersey chapter of…

newarab (2024-05-09). Extremist rabbi's cousin charged with ramming Gaza protester. newarab.com A New York real estate developer was charged with felony assault after police said he hit a woman with his car during a pro-Palestine demonstration led by students connected to the Reuven Kahane, 57, was arrested Tuesday morning after driving his car into a 55-year-old safety marshal for the protest, according to witnesses and a New York police department spokesperson. | The woman, who was treated at a hospital for minor injuries, was also arrested, but charges of criminal mis…

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