2024-03-08: News Headlines

sputnikglobe (2024-03-08). Russian Valkyrie: How Blue-Eyed Ballet Dancer Turned Into Military Commander. sputnikglobe.com A Russian ballet dancer-turned-female warrior sat down with Sputnik to tell her story about life and her fight in the special military operation in Ukraine.

Editor at NewsOne (2024-03-08). Video Shows Alabama Cop Assaulting, Arresting Black Woman Who Called Police On White Neighbor. newsone.com Police bodycam video shows Alabama police officer Grant Barton shove and arrest Twyla Stallworth, a Black woman, after she called cops to report her white neighbor's loud music.

newarab (2024-03-08). Gaza ceasefire protesters gather for Biden's State of the Union address. newarab.com President Protesters blocked traffic in Boston and Los Angeles. Over 50 arrests were made in Boston, according to one activist group and a local m…

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