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2023-05-07: News Headlines

David Miller, Mintpress News. (2023-05-07). George Floyd's Murder Reminds Us; Israel's Knee Sits On The Neck Of Black America. popularresistance.org Nearly three years have passed since, on 25 May 2020, four Minneapolis police officers were involved in killing George Floyd. Then, the iconic shots of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd sparked a rejuvenated mass movement against structural racism in the police, specifically about using the "knee-on-neck" technique. The iconic photo meant that Chauvin became…

Common Dreams Staff (2023-05-07). Police Arrest Dozens for Peacefully Protesting King Charles III's Coronation. truthout.org Thousands of King Charles III's subjects protested against the monarchy Saturday in London — and heavy-handed police detained many of them for "suspicion of breaching the peace." Earlier this week, the Metropolitan Police tweeted that they would have an "extremely low tolerance" of those seeking to "undermine" King Charles III's coronation day. "A significant police operation is underway in… |

Tom Anderson, The Canary. (2023-05-07). Public Order Act Dubbed 'The Worst Attack' On Dissent 'For Decades'. popularresistance.org The draconian Public Order Act was given royal assent on 2 May, dramatically increasing police powers to arrest protesters. The Home Office has already cited the new Act in threatening letters to anti-monarchists. The campaign group Republic received intimidating letters this week, listing the arrest powers under the new Act. Extinction Rebellion has also received similar threats. | In fact, the Guardian reported that one 'senior' insider, who knew about the discussions between the police and the government, confirmed that the Act had been brought into force early, ahead of the coronation on 6 May.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-05-07). El rey Carlos III es coronado como monarca de los británicos. telesurtv.net La policía arrestó a varias personas que participaban en una protesta del grupo antimonárquico Republic, entre ellos al líder de la organización, Graham Smith.

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