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2023-03-31: News Headlines

Editor (2023-03-31). America's Slavery-Ridden Origin Story: Facing the Uncomfortable Reality. scheerpost.com Writer Dionne Ford dives deep into her ancestry and confronts the complexities of being a Black woman in America with the blood of both the enslaved and the enslaver.

Chris Walker (2023-03-30). 19 Protesters Arrested as Kentucky Republicans Override Veto of Anti-Trans Bill. truthout.org Republican lawmakers in Kentucky have overridden a veto from Gov. Andy Beshear (D) to pass a bill targeting trans children that LGBTQ advocates have described as one of the worst pieces of anti-trans legislation in the country. Republicans, who have supermajorities in both houses of the Kentucky legislature, overrode the veto of Senate Bill 150 on Wednesday. The Senate passed the override by a… |

Fight Back (2023-03-30). Trade unionists across U.S. demand University of South Florida not fire employee for protesting. fightbacknews.org Tampa, FL – Almost 200 trade unionists and supporters signed an open letter to the University of South Florida demanding AFSCME member Chrisley Carpio keep her job. Carpio is one of the protesters the USF Police Department brutalized at a Students for a Democratic Society protest for diversity on March 6. She is one of four protesters arrested and facing felony charges for battery on a law enforcement officer. Carpio was placed on administrative leave on March 7. | USF human resources emailed Chrisley Carpio on Wednesday, March 22 with a notice of a Monday, March 27 hearing on a request for her termination. Carpi…

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