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2021-12-28: News Headlines

Staff (2021-12-28). Angela Davis on Imagining New Worlds, the Campaign to Free Mumia and the Biden Presidency. democracynow.org World-renowned author, activist and professor Angela Davis talks about navigating the pandemic and an inadequate two-party political system during a time of racial uprising in the United States. She also talks about imprisoned journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Biden presidential campaign and the protests that erupted from the police killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Ann Brown (2021-12-27). New Research Shows Protests Reduce Police Killings. moguldom.com When thousands of protests against racism and police brutality were triggered by the murder of George Floyd in May 2020 by Minneapolis police, President Donald Trump called the protesters thugs and some media outlets focused on looting. An adverse hue was placed on Black Lives Matter, which organized or participated in many protests that grew …

teleSUR (2021-12-27). Peru To Compensate Victims' Relatives of 2020 Police Brutality. telesurenglish.net President Pedro Castillo will grant financial compensation to the relatives of the two Peruvian farmers who died as a result of the police brutality deployed in the 2020 protests, which forced the resignation of President Manuel Merino, who spent just five days in office. | RELATED: | The Justice Ministry decree sets a compensation of US$10,000 for the families of those who died in the "Agrarian Strike" which took place in La Libertad and Ica regio…

Labor Video Project (2021-12-27). Sausalito Homeless Protest Police Attacks & Arrest Of Journalist Jeremy Portje. indybay.org Homeless are under attack in Sausalito as well as an independent journalist Jeremy Portje. California Homeless Union counsel Anthony Price is interviewed about these struggles.

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