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2021-10-08: News Headlines

Howie Wolke (2021-10-08). Why We Need Big Holistic Wilderness. counterpunch.org Habitat fragmentation is the enemy of biodiversity, and is rampant on our public lands. For example, the U.S. Forest Service has built a 400,000 mile-plus road network crisscrossing the public forests, not including state, county and other federal rights of way! You might say that the Forest Service and the BLM are primarily in the habitat fragmentation business, though they euphemistically call it "multiple use".

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-10-08). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Treating and preventing liver cancer. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org While still relatively rare, the rate of primary liver cancer has been increasing in recent decades, disproportionately affecting minority populations. "Research has shown that Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be diagnosed with liver cancer at an earlier stage, compared to whites," says Dr. Sumera Ilyas, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist. "And that, in turn, means the odds of being eligible for potentially curative treatments are lower for these patients." These disparities are due to…

JBLM Cop Watch (2021-10-07). Joint Base Lewis-McChord Spying On Civilian Cell-Phone Conversations with Stingray? indybay.org Although the Tacoma, WA police claim to no longer be using Stingray cell-phone monitoring devices, cell-phone surveillance is still happening! Surveillance of cell-phone conversations is being conducted by the military at JBLM, WA, who by their own admission regularly share information with their "law enforcement partners in the surrounding civilian jurisdictions".

Brad R. Fulton (2021-10-07). Americans are in a mental health crisis — especially African-Americans. Can churches help?>. salon.com Churches' mental health programs represent an underutilized resource for much-needed care in the United States…

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