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2021-09-30: News Headlines

Staff (2021-09-30). Olympic gold medalist pleads guilty to felony obstruction charge stemming from his role in US Capitol riot. rt.com Klete Keller, the former Olympic swimming champion who was arrested in January for participating in the US Capitol riot, faces upward of two years in prison after pleading guilty to a felony. | Keller

Alexander Cooney (2021-09-30). Video: Cops for Covid Truth: Message from Alexander Cooney to All Police Officers in Australia. globalresearch.ca

_____ (2021-09-29). Over 20 Newly Extinct Species in US Offer 'Sobering Reminder' of Humanity's Wreckage. commondreams.org At a panel on Tuesday, officials condemned vaccine apartheid, rising food insecurity, and other markers of inequality that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Editor (2021-09-29). Labour members overwhelmingly back motion in solidarity with Palestine. mronline.org The move comes as another grassroots rebuke to the party leadership and marks the first time a major British political party has aligned itself with the UN definition of Israel as an apartheid state.

Staff (2021-09-29). "Who's at the Table?": Cori Bush Says Bill Negotiations Need More Representation. truthout.org Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri) has said that Black people aren't being given an equal voice in Washington when it comes to major proposals like the infrastructure and reconciliation bills, noting that those who continually get a seat at the table aren't necessarily representing Black constituents' interests. | Bush, who represents a district with a

Editor (2021-09-29). Open the borders! Reparations for the Haitian people! workers.org Workers World Party salutes the inspiring bravery of the Haitian people — in Del Rio, Texas, and in Haiti, now and for over two centuries. WWP also salutes the solidarity expressed in the streets by the political movement worldwide including inside the U.S. for the Haitian people. The racist brutality . . . |

Matt Sedlar (2021-09-29). Young Men Need More Medicaid. cepr.net Recent research establishes a link between losing Medicaid at age 19 and incarceration among young men. Using a research design that linked Medicaid records and criminal justice records for young low-income men in South Carolina, economist Elisa Jácome found that among the young men in her sample who were incarcerated before age 21, about 80 …

Milo Inglehart (2021-09-29). Our Leaders Have the Power to Decarcerate and Save Lives, But Where is the Will? | American Civil Liberties Union. aclu.org Research shows that reductions in the United States incarceration rate would have

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