2021-11-19: Kyle Rittenhouse Archive (including dozens of videos)

Rittenhouse Found NOT Guilty on ALL Charges

Now it may be left to the victims' families to follow up with a CIVIL Lawsuit, like this week with Elijah McCain ($15 Million) and a quarter-century ago with Nicole Brown Simpson ($32.5 Million).  Rittenhouse was found NOT guilty in criminal court, but he MAY likely still be liable in civil court for the pain, suffering and the reckless endangerment he caused for all concerned.

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Racism, Injustice, Twisted Narratives, an Inequitable Judicial System, Contriving Corporate Media, Gun Control, Social Unrest and Division, and White Privilege on Trial in the United States of Dysfunction

Frequently updated playlist.   Selected clips for PositiveUniverse.com

See also the other twists in the story as presented in two groundbreaking videos by Matt Orfalea, and later discussed live on The Jimmy Dore Show on Monday, November 15th, 2021.