2019-12-09: News Headlines

Tracy Keeling (2019-12-09). Group backed by Rachel Riley exploits veteran to spread smears about Jeremy Corbyn. thecanary.co A group called Mainstream UK has exploited a veteran to spread vicious smears against Jeremy Corbyn. The group, which has attracted support from serial Corbyn critic Rachel Riley and a number of disgruntled ex-Labour MPs, paid to spread a video around Facebook about the Labour leader on 7 December. | Mai…

Fight Back (2019-12-09). Arizona educators, progressives confront ALEC summit and Betsy DeVos. fightbacknews.org Tucson, AZ – On December 4, a coalition of union educators, immigrant rights, police crimes, and climate change activists confronted the agenda of corporations like UPS and energy industry giants and billionaires like Charles Koch and Sheldon Achelson. At its height the crowd numbered around 200 with signs reading: "ALEC: Oligarchy in progress" and "Privatization, criminalization, incarceration, climate change, imperialism: #ALECisBehindIt." | The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a notorious organization of hardcore conservatives, was holding its States and Nation Policy Summit in Arizona. ALEC hoste…

Thomas Knapp (2019-12-09). Meet Virgil Griffith: America's Newest Political Prisoner. counterpunch.org On November 29, FBI agents arrested hacker and cryptocurrency developer Virgil Griffith. His alleged crime: Talking. Yes, really. The FBI alleges that Griffith "participated in discussions regarding using cryptocurrency technologies to evade sanctions and launder money." Griffith, a US citizen who lives in Singapore, gave a talk at conference on blockchain technology in April. Because More

Alan Macleod (2019-12-09). UPS Joins Media Chorus In Thanking Police For Murder of Frank Ordonez. mintpressnews.com In a clear example of a US establishment shielding police from brutality, UPS released a bizarre statement thanking police for killing their driver, while CNN and NBC obscured officers from any wrongdoing.

Matthew Hoh (2019-12-06). Authorizations for Madness; The Effects and Consequences of Congress' Endless Permissions for War. counterpunch.org I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can…Its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. — Dwight Eisenhower. For the first time in decades, passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been delayed due to disagreements between Democrats and Republicans. The disagreements at the center of the delay in Congress are, as usual, partisan More

Michael E. Tigar (2019-12-05). Rap Brown Law today. mronline.org The law was popularly named for African-American leader H. "Rap" Brown; its formal title was "The Civil Obedience Act of 1968." | Source

Norman Stockwell (2019-12-03). Fifty Years After the Police Murders of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. progressive.org "We learned that the government had a plan in place to deal with any black leaders emerging 'who could unify and electrify the masses,' in the words of the FBI. Fred was doing that."

splcenter (2019-11-18). Suspected Atomwaffen Member Arrested, Charged With Gun Possession. splcenter.org Federal authorities continued a crackdown on the violent neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division by indicting a suspected member on gun charges.