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2023-01-03: News Headlines

_____ (2023-01-02). New Documentary On Late Sixties Civil Unrest Is A 'Rosetta Stone' For Decoding The Modern Day Police State. popularresistance.org Minneapolis, Minnesota — A new documentary film shines light on the history of the militarization of American police in an era defined by civil unrest, drawing sharp parallels to today. | Without mentioning recent events in the entire film, Sierra Pettengill's new documentary "Riotsville, USA" still invokes striking parallels between the late 1960s and the George Floyd protest uprisings in 2020. The film was produced during 2015-2021, premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January 2022 and was widely released in September by Magnolia Films; it's attracted more coverage in lists of top documentaries for the…

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