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2020-05-03: News Headlines

Insult to Black Lives Matter, Insult to All (2020-05-03). SFPD Wore "Blue Lives Matter" Face Masks While Responding to Protest. indybay.org Photos of the scene at a May 1 housing protest in San Francisco show police wearing face masks that depict the Blue Lives Matter flag. Police regulation states that officers cannot alter their uniform. City Police Chief Bill Scott is seeking "neutral" face coverings for the city's rank and file.

teleSUR (2020-05-01). Police Brutality Marks Workers' Day in Chile. telesurenglish.net On the morning of the International Workers' Day, Chileans attempted to carry out peaceful protests in various public places in their country's main cities. | RELATED: | Although they initially followed COVID-19 physical distancing prevention measures, the military police violently lashed out at citizens in unsuccessful attempts to dissuade them from protesting against President Sebastian Piñera. The pretext for the police atta…

splcenter (2020-04-15). CROWN Act movement seeks to protect Black people from racial discrimination based on hairstyles. splcenter.org Jordan Winder did not apply to the high school of his choice, because the dreadlocks he's been growing nearly half his life are not allowed there.

Peoples Dispatch (2020-05-01). Cuba denounces attack on diplomatic mission in the US. peoplesdispatch.org On April 30, in the early hours of the morning, a terrorist attack was perpetrated against the embassy of the Republic of Cuba to the United States in Washington. According to the statement by the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, an unknown man shot several times at the embassy's building using an assault rifle. | At the moment of the attack, ten Cuban officials and diplomats were inside the building. Fortunately, none of the diplomatic officials or any other staff members were injured. The aggressor was arrested by local authorities and is currently in their custody. | Cuba's foreign minister…

Rachel Janik (2020-04-21). Augustus Invictus Arrested in Florida for Stalking, Violating Bond. splcenter.org Invictus' father, John Gillespie, was arrested days earlier and charged with human trafficking of children under 18 years old.