2019-05-07: Social Media Postees

WW editorial: Palestine will be free!
Editor | workers.org | 2019-05-08
Another horrific attack on the Palestinian population occurred over the May 4-5 weekend. Once again, the deaths include some of the most vulnerable — of a people who have already been made entirely vulnerable by decades of apartheid conditions, including routine starvation, imprisonment, unemployment. Once again, big business media played . . . | Continue reading WW editorial: Palestine will be free! at Workers.org…

1 student killed, 7 injured in Colorado school shooting
rt.com | 2019-05-07
At least one person was killed and seven injured in a shooting at a charter school in Highland Ranch, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Two suspects have been arrested, both students at the school. | …

Mistakenly Jailed Pretrial, an Ohio Mother Lost Her Job and Kids
aclu.org | 2019-05-07
When you're incarcerated pretrial in America, it doesn't take long for life to fall apart. And that's without a conviction. | On April 11, Hamilton County police in Cincinnati, Ohio arrested Ashley Foster in a Target parking lot on charges of trafficking heroin. Foster was with her two young sons, one of whom…

When the Black Panthers Came to Algeria
Elias Rodriques | thenation.com | 2019-05-07
In Algiers, Third World Capital, Elaine Mokhtefi captures a lost world of camaraderie, shared ideals, and frequent miscommunication.

Guatemala: CICIG to Lift Politicians' Immunity in Graft Case
telesurenglish.net | 2019-05-07
The Guatemalan Prosecutor's Office (MP) filed an application to lift the legislative immunity of a cabinet member and several congress members for alleged involvement in a corruption network that involved vote buying. | RELATED: | Guatemala CICIG 'Concerned' by OAS Insinuation of Interference | The Public Prosecutor's Office and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) presented Monday pre-trial requests against the ruling National Convergence Front (FCN…

Over 600 Federal Prosecutors Say Trump Should Be Charged With Obstruction
Staff | truthout.org | 2019-05-07
In a searing rebuke to Attorney General William Barr, hundreds of former federal prosecutors, many with service records lasting decades, have signed a letter stating that the Mueller report provided ample ammunition for obstruction of justice charges to be brought against Donald Trump. At the time of this printing, the letter, titled "Statement by Former Federal Prosecutors," held 636 signatures, a number that had nearly doubled from 375 when its…

Hundreds of former federal prosecutors: Trump guilty of obstruction of justice
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2019-05-07

Brazilian Justice Indicts Temer again for Corruption
plenglish.com | 2019-05-07
Brasilia, May 7 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian federal justice on Tuesday accepted an accusation presented by the Prosecutor"s Office and indicted former President Michel Temer (2016-2018) for the sixth time on charges of corruption.

Cambodia: Opposition Harassed in the Courts
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-05-07
Security personnel guard the Supreme Court after its hearing to dissolve the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 16, 2017. | © 2017 AP Photo | (New York) — Cambodian authorities should immediately cease harassing former opposition party members in the courts, Human Rights Watch said today. The Battambang prosecutor Ky Bunnara has summoned 25 former officials of the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) to appear…

Elections in South Africa: what problems will the country's future president inherent?
unitedEditor | uwidata.com | 2019-05-07
Parliamentary elections in South Africa will be held on May 8, 2019, for the sixth time since the end of apartheid in 1994. Africans will also vote for candidates in the provincial legislative assemblies. In addition, a new president will be elected. The current atmosphere The atmosphere in South Africa in recent months is one …

Israel Won't Allow Activists During Eurovision
telesurenglish.net | 2019-05-07
Israel said that it will block activists from entering the country during the 64the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The country fears that the activists will protest the event to highlight Israel's treatment of Palestinians. | RELATED: | Roger Waters Urges Madonna Not to 'Normalize Apartheid' by Playing at Eurovision in Israel | Israel is hosting this year's contest because Israeli singer Netta Barzilai won the 2018 contest. The semifinals of Eurovisio…

8 Hurt, 2 in Custody After School Shooting Outside Denver
Staff | truthdig.com | 2019-05-07
HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Gunfire erupted Tuesday inside a suburban Denver middle school not far from Columbine High School, wounding eight people before two students were taken into custody, authorities said. | Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said two students walked into the school and opened fire in two classrooms. He said only students ages 15 and older were wounded. | Deputies responded within minutes from a nearby sheriff's department substation, entering the school as gunfire rang out. Police took the two suspects, one adult and one juvenile, into custody with no injuries. | "We did not have them…

Argentine Gov ¥t Authorizes Use of Electronic Guns
plenglish.com | 2019-05-07
07 de mayo de 2019, 17: 31Buenos Aires, May 7 (Prensa Latina) Amid tough questions from various sectors, Argentine government enabled on Tuesday the use of Taser-type electronic guns by members of the federal police and security forces.

Ross Camp Santa Cruz Tuesday 5-7-2019
AutumnSun | indybay.org | 2019-05-07
Today with only a couple camp residents now in the area. Heavy equipment is being brought in and the police have closed off the area, including the footbridge!

Two Myanmar Journalists Freed, but Many Face Charges
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-05-07
Reuters journalists Wa Lone, left, and Kyaw Soe Oo wave as they walk out from Insein Prison after being released in Yangon, Myanmar on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. | © 2019 AP Photo/Thein Zaw | The release of Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo from a Myanmar prison is a joyous occasion for their families and all of those who have advocated for their release. But it should not blind anyone to the government's ongoing repression of the media in Myanmar. | Just two days earlier, the police summoned two journalists…

"Endorsement of Murder": Trump Pardons US Soldier Who Tortured, Killed Iraqi Prisoner
Eoin Higgins | theantimedia.com | 2019-05-07
(CD) — President Donald Trump on Monday evening pardoned an American soldier for murdering an Iraqi prisoner in 2008, generating outrage from progressives and human rights activists. First Lt. Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2009 for the murder, and released on parole in 2014. The killing came a month after two of Behenna's fellow …

"Endorsement of Murder": Trump Pardons US Soldier Who Tortured, Killed Iraqi Prisoner

Minneapolis agrees to pay $20M to family of unarmed woman killed by police
Andrew Emett | nationofchange.org | 2019-05-06
"There was not a clear threat before the use of force was made. This is not a victory for anyone, but rather a way for our city to move forward."

Asylum Officers Are Being Replaced By CBP Agents
aclu.org | 2019-05-06
Having a CBP officer conduct a credible fear interview is like having an arresting police officer also sit as the judge. | Last week, President Trump issued a memorandum outlining his latest wishlist of ways to undermine the integrity of our nation's asylum system. Among them was a direction to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to change how it conducts credible fear interviews, the threshold screening interview given to thousands of asylum…

Real Talk Tho Episode 2
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-05-06
Since the early '90s Baltimore has shuttered over 60 rec centers, while funding for police has more than doubled. Meanwhile, a new fund set up by the city that was originally intended to modernize rec centers has now been designated for general development. We've spoken to activists that say the city has no real plan…

Unsealed report reveals Oscar Grant's murder by BART police was no accident
Chauncey K. Robinson | peoplesworld.org | 2019-05-06
Ten years after the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officers in Oakland, a newly unsealed internal report confirms his death was most likely not an accident and that one officer involved in the deadly shooting repeatedly lied about the facts of that tragic night. This internal …

Cameroon: Routine Torture, Incommunicado Detention
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-05-06
A patrol of Cameroonian gendarmes in the Omar Bongo Square, Buea, capital of the South-West region, on October 3, 2018 on the sidelines of a political rally. | © 2018 Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images | (Nairobi) — Cameroonian authorities have tortured and held incommunicado detainees at a detention facility in Yaoundé, Cameroon's capital. Gendarmes and other security forces at the State Defense Secretariat (Secrétariat d'Etat à la défense, SED) have severely bea…

April 2019 — geopolitical events
unitedEditor | uwidata.com | 2019-05-05
Europe Assange arrested On April 11, Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, was arrested in London after Ecuador revoked political asylum earlier granted to the journalist. Since 2012, Assange has been held in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Britain is likely to extradite Assange to the US against Assange's wishes. Assange is accused in …

Guilt by Association? Arrest of Assange Friend Has No Basis
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-05-04
Cyber-security and privacy expert Ola Bini was arrested in Ecuador the same day that Ecuador revoked Julian Assange's asylum. A court now affirmed his pre-trial detention, while his parents and his lawyers say it has no basis…

Black Women Political Prisoners of the Police State
Linda Ford | dissidentvoice.org | 2019-05-03
The Rev. Joy Powell says she was "raped, railroaded and bamboozled" by police. Her crime? Being a poor black woman who faced off against the police–protesting their violent brutality against black people in Rochester, NY. Once she defied them, she was warned, then targeted and framed for serious crimes. A few weeks ago, Australian Julian …

Proposed new census question steps up Trump administration's racist attacks on immigrants
Satya Vatti | liberationnews.org | 2019-05-03
Given the track record of the U.S. government, with its racist history of deportations, incarceration and family separations under both the Democratic and Republican parties, the citizenship question on the census is sure to incite anxieties and fear among immigrants who are repeatedly scapegoated by politicians for mass unemployment and poverty that are in fact products of the capitalist economic system.

What Officer Noor's Conviction Says About Racism in America
aclu.org | 2019-05-03
For the first time, Minnesota convicted a police officer for killing someone. That he was Black and the woman he shot was white must not be ignored. | On Tuesday, April 30, a Minnesota jury convicted police officer Mohamed Noor of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for shooting and killing Justine Damond, a white Australian woman. Damond had called 9-1-1 to report a possible sexual assault near her apartment and then approached Noor's squad car when he and his partner responded to the call. Noor killed Damond, and he deserved to be found guilty. His decision to shoot and kill an unarmed person wit…

George Monbiot on U.K. Climate Emergency & the Need for Rebellion to Prevent Ecological Apocalypse
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-05-02
On Wednesday, the House of Commons became the first parliament in the world to declare a climate emergency. The resolution came on the heels of the recent Extinction Rebellion mass uprising that shut down Central London last month in a series of direct actions. Activists closed bridges, occupied public landmarks and even superglued themselves to buildings, sidewalks and trains to demand urgent action to combat climate change. Police arrested more than 1,000 protesters. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn told Parliament, "We are witnessing an unprecedented upsurge of climate activism, with groups like Extinction Re…

After a Black Cop Was Convicted of Killing a White Woman, Minnesota Activists Say Focus Should Be Police Reform
Rachel M. Cohen | theintercept.com | 2019-05-02
Mohamed Noor's conviction marks the first guilty verdict for a fatal shooting by an on-duty cop in Minnesota in decades.

Sex workers in Queensland campaign for full decriminalisation
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2019-05-02
Sex workers in Queensland are campaigning to decriminalise sex work 30 years after this was recommended by the Fitzgerald Inquiry into state police corruption. | Janelle Fawkes from the #DecrimQLD campaign told Green Left Weekly that for the past two decades Queensland has effectively had a licensing model, whereby it is not illegal to set up a brothel but there are significant and costly hurdles. As a result, only 20 legal brothels exist in the state. | This legal framework disadvantages erotic massage parlours that do not want to operate illegally but are prevented from getting licences under current law. It is…

What will follow the coup attempt in Venezuela?
unitedEditor | uwidata.com | 2019-05-01
In Venezuela on April 30, a shootout took place between opposition and government forces in Caracas. In the course of the protests, more than 70 people were injured and some 80 were arrested. Opposition activist Juan Guaido called for the coup d'état in a video message posted to twitter, after which point riots began. Security …

Baltimore Activist Threatened With Legal Action Over Participation in Hopkins Protests
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-05-01
Tawanda Jones, a noted anti-police brutality activist, says she won't be deterred from continuing to fight for justice for her brother Tyrone West, and other victims of police brutality…

Hands Off Ilhan Omar: Angela Davis & Black Women Leaders Defend Congresswoman from Right-Wing Attacks
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-05-01
African-American women leaders gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday in defense of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim congresswomen in history and the first member of Congress to wear a hijab. Omar has been the target of numerous right-wing attacks since taking office, including by President Donald Trump himself. Omar says death threats against her have spiked in number since President Trump tweeted a video juxtaposing her image with footage of the 9/11 attacks. Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, civil rights icon Angela Davis and others addressed the crowd Tuesday to urge Congress to…

Ilhan Omar Speaks Out Against U.S. Sanctions & Bipartisan Support for Regime Change in Venezuela
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-05-01
Amid an ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, we speak with Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who questioned U.S. special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams on Capitol Hill in February about his record. Abrams is a right-wing hawk who was linked to the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela that tried to topple Hugo Chávez. In the 1980s, Abrams defended Guatemalan dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt as he oversaw a campaign of mass murder and torture of indigenous people. Ríos Montt was later convicted of genocide. Rep. Ilhan Omar says that there is a direct correlation between this type of detrimental U.S. foreign policy in Lati…

Venezuela: Military Uprising in Caracas (in Development)
venezuelanalysis.com | 2019-04-30
A military uprising is unfolding in Venezuela after a handful of the police and armed forces freed Leopoldo Lopez and blocked a highway in Caracas.

Seeking Justice at Home
Michelle Chen | progressive.org | 2019-04-30
Virginia juvenile justice advocates envision a correctional system not about police and prisons but about stability, families, and a continuum of care.

How Movement To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Prevailed Over Obstruction Of A Progressive Prosecutor
Jared Ware & Miles Quarles | shadowproof.com | 2019-04-29
A late December ruling by the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Leon Tucker re-opened pathways for long-time political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal to litigate his freedom. | "Progressive prosecutor" Larry Krasner's appeal of the ruling stood in the way until Wednesday, April 17. At issue was whether Ronald Castille–a former Philadelphia District Attorney, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, and Krasner transition team member–had a constitutional duty to recuse himself from Mumia's appeals of…

Shooting at Poway Synagogue Underscores Link Between Internet Radicalization and Violence
Keegan Hankes, Rachel Janik and Michael Edison Hayden | splcenter.org | 2019-04-28
A shooting in a California synagogue in which police say a 19-year-old man killed one and injured three others underscores a link between online radicalization of white supremacists and terroristic violence.

Palestinians call on Iceland's Eurovision contestant Hatari to withdraw
SAMIR | bdsmovement.net | 2019-04-26
Palestinians call on Iceland's Eurovision contestant Hatari to withdraw: PACBI StatementCancelling performance in apartheid Tel Aviv would be a meaningful expression of solidarity for the band, who are on record supporting Palestinian rights. | Cultural Boycott Boycott Eurovision 2019April 26, 2019…

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