2019-03-06: Social Media Postees

Sacramento Police Who Killed Stephon Clark Won't Be Charged
STAFF | truthdig.com | 2019-03-06
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California's attorney general announced Tuesday that he won't charge two Sacramento police officers who fatally shot an unarmed black man last year, joining a local prosecutor in finding that the officers reasonably believed Stephon Clark had a gun as he moved toward them. | Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the results of a nearly yearlong investigation after telling Clark's mother privately. He acknowledged that it was not what Clark's family wanted but said the evidence showed the officers had reason to believe their lives were in danger, though investigators found only a cel…

More than 80 arrested in Sacramento protesting decision not to charge police in murder of Stephon Clark
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-03-06
Clark was killed after being shot at by two officers more than 20 times in his grandmother's backyard last March. The only thing he had in his hand was a cell phone.

Iraq: ISIS Child Suspects Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-06

| March 5, 2019 Video | ISIS Child Suspects Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured in Iraq: | Children involved in armed conflict are entitled to rehabilitation and reintegration, not torture and prison. |

| (Geneva) — Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government authorities have charged hundreds of children with terrorism for all…

Macron publishes platform for European elections calling for EU police state
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-03-06
Abandoning the threadbare pretense that he is advocating a liberal development policy, Macron hails the EU as a potential global military-police power.

NAACP Calls for Justice in Stephon Clark Case
Regan Farley | naacp.org | 2019-03-05
Joins Sacramento Branch in Condemning DA's Failure to Charge Police Officers in Murder of Stephon Clark BALTIMORE (March 5, 2019)–The nation's foremost civil rights organization joins its NAACP Sacramento Branch in condemning Sacramento District Attorney Marie Schubert's decision to not charge Sacramento Police officers Terrence Mercadel and Jared Robinet with murder for the killing of …

UN: Don't Let Egypt Undermine Expert's Role
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-05
Egyptian security forces have been involved in systematic abuses such as enforced disappearance and torture and have used abusive counterterrorism laws and measures to crush peaceful dissent. Egyptian security forces stand guard outside one of the entrances of Tora prison, in Cairo, Egypt. | © 2015 Hassan Ammar/AP Images | (Geneva) — States at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva should ensure that Egypt is not allowed to seize a leadin…

Juan Guaido Returns to Venezuela Amid US Threats Against Maduro
Venezuela Analysis | theantimedia.com | 2019-03-05
(VA) — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido touched down in Caracas' Simon Bolivar International Airport Monday afternoon following visits to several neighboring countries in previous days. Despite official warnings that he would be arrested for violating a Supreme Court-ordered travel ban, the self-proclaimed "interim president" successfully went through airport customs before proceeding to attend an anti-government rally in eastern Caracas. A number …

Juan Guaido Returns to Venezuela Amid US Threats Against Maduro

"How to Hide an Empire": Daniel Immerwahr on the History of the Greater United States
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-03-05
"How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States." That's the title of a new book examining a part of the U.S. that is often overlooked: the nation's overseas territories from Puerto Rico to Guam, former territories like the Philippines, and its hundreds of military bases scattered across the globe. We speak with the book's author, Daniel Immerwahr, who writes, "At various times, the inhabitants of the U.S. Empire have been shot, shelled, starved, interned, dispossessed, tortured and experimented on. What they haven't been, by and large, is seen." Immerwahr is an associate professor of history at No…

'F*** n****rs & Jews!' Alabama students caught praising holocaust in shocking viral VIDEO
RT | rt.com | 2019-03-05
A clip of Alabama high school students drunkenly trading racial slurs and casually speculating about the best way of exterminating Jews and black people has gone viral, eliciting social media outrage but little real-life response. | …

Bangladesh: Investigate Dismissals of Protesting Workers
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-05
Bangladesh police chase protesting garment workers in Savar, outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 9, 2019. | © 2019 AP Photo | (New York) — Bangladesh authorities should immediately investigate garment worker and union leader allegations of arbitrary dismissals and false criminal cases following a recent protest demanding a wage hike, Human Rights Watch said today. Global garment brands sourcing from Bangladesh should investigate these allegations and call for a…

From Guam to the Philippines, the US Ignores Victims of Its Empire
Shared by Samantha Borek | truthout.org | 2019-03-05
How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States. That's the title of a new book examining a part of the U.S. that is often overlooked: the nation's overseas territories from Puerto Rico to Guam, former territories like the Philippines, and its hundreds of military bases scattered across the globe. We speak with the book's author, Daniel Immerwahr, who writes, "At various times, the inhabitants of the U.S. Empire have been shot, shelled, starved, interned, dispossessed, tortured and experimented on. What they haven't been, by and large, is seen." Immerwahr is an associate professor of history at N…

France's Yellow Vests: Proving Police Are Indeed Part of the 1%
Ramin Mazaheri | mintpressnews.com | 2019-03-05
8,000+ arrested, 500 major injuries, 2,000+ imprisoned (as of Feb. 14), 1,500+ awaiting trials (Feb. 14), 12 deaths, 20+ blindings, 6 hands lost, 10,000+ rubber bullets fired. Cops never switch sides — they have too much to lose.

80+ arrested at protest over police shooting of unarmed Stephon Clark in Sacramento (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
RT | rt.com | 2019-03-05
Police arrested over 80 protesters and detained a reporter in Sacramento, California after scores turned out to demonstrate against a decision not to charge cops who fatally shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark last March. | …

Pakistan-India Crisis: The Machinery of Images and the (Post-)Modern War
Ayyaz Mallick | globalresearch.ca | 2019-03-04
On 14 February, 20-year-old Adil Ahmed Dar rammed a vehicle fill of explosives into a bus full of reserve police force personnel in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The attack killed over 40 soldiers and was claimed by militant organization Jaish-e-Muhammad …

JetBlue apologizes for Black History poster of 'cop killer' Assata Shakur
RT | rt.com | 2019-03-04
JetBlue has apologized for using a poster of Assata Shakur, an activist who was convicted of killing a police officer, as part of a Black History Month tribute at New York's JFK International airport. | …

Transfer of ISIS Suspects, Including Foreigners, to Iraq Raises Torture Concerns
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-04
An ISIS suspect held for questioning by Iraqi forces near Mosul. | © 2016 Safin Hamed/Getty Images | Last week, the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) transferred at least 280 suspected Islamic State (ISIS) members to Iraq, following their arrest in Syria. Though the detainees are overwhelmingly Iraqi, there were reportedly at least thirteen French ISIS su…

India-Pakistan, Trump-Kim, Assad in Iran
unitedEditor | uwidata.com | 2019-03-04
Pakistan-India conflict THe Pakistani and Indian armies began using heavy weapons against each other on the border in Kashmir. After an intense exchange of fire that lasted more than 3 hours, India reported that it had had not suffered losses. Tensions between the two states escalated after a police convoy was attacked on February 14 …

Algeria: Arbitrary Arrests at Election Protests
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-02
Protesters march in a cloud of tear gas fired by riot police as they denounce President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's bid for a fifth term, March 1, 2019. | © 2019 AP Photo/Fateh Gudoum | (Beirut) — Algerian authorities should allow Algerians to assemble peacefully and refrain from using excessive force against demonstrators opposing a fifth term for President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Human Rights Watch said today. During huge demonstrations on March 1…

Weekend Read: 'If I'd been white, I guarantee you they wouldn't have taken my money'
splcenter | splcenter.org | 2019-03-01
"The robber didn't get anything, but the police got everything."

How Profit Makes Policing Immune to Reform
Shared by Hezvo Mpunga | therealnews.com | 2019-03-01
TRNN takes a closer look at recent efforts to reform one of the most corrupt police departments in the country, and how even the dysfunction fuels profit for law enforcement in general…

Indian and Pakistani leftists say no to new nuclear war threat
susan_p | greenleft.org.au | 2019-03-01
As tensions escalate between India and Pakistan, the threat of a nuclear conflict hangs over South Asia and the world. | On February 14, the Pakistani-based organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack on a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in the district of Pulwama in Kashmir. Sixty police officers were killed and injured. | Then, on February 26, India launched an air strike on an alleged terrorist training camp in Pakistan. The following day, the Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian fighter jets over Kashmir. | Socialists in Pakistan and India have responded quickly…

Saudi Arabia: Women's Rights Activists Charged
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-03-01
ŸÜÿßÿ¥ÿ∑ÿßÿ™ ÿ≥ÿπŸàÿØŸäÿßÿ™ | (Beirut) — Saudi Arabia's public prosecution agency announced on March 1, 2019 that the country's leading women's rights activists who have been detained following arrests that began in May 2018 would face charges and be put on trial, Human Rights Watch said today. The prosecutors did no…

Salt Lake City says no to the 'National Emergency' to build wall
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-02-28
Salt Lake City, UT – 40 community members gathered on a cold Saturday afternoon, February 23, to protest Trump's declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border. People came out to denounce what is understood as a racist and anti-immigrant 'emergency' and border wall. They also came because of the anti-immigrant attacks that continue to happen in Salt Lake City. Police brutalize Black and brown people, family members continue to be deported and anti-immigrant white supremacist groups have started organizing on college campuses in the city. | Ella Mendoza, with the Nopalera Artist Collective, said t…

Grand Rapids Police caught lying
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-02-28
Grand Rapids, MI — The Grand Rapids Police Department was caught lying and covering up for Captain Curt VanderKooi this week. VanderKooi racially profiled an ex-Marine and contacted ICE to detain him in November 2018. The recent Grand Rapids police investigation claims VanderKooi contacted ICE out of concern for possible 'terrorism.' | However, Michigan ACLU lawyers and immigrant rights activists are pointing out that this is a blatant lie. The FBI is the agency that VanderKooi would contact, not Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Captain VanderKooi works with both and knows the difference. | The outrageo…

North Carolinians Voted to End Cooperation With Trump's Deportation Force. ICE Retaliated
ACLU | aclu.org | 2019-02-27
The federal agency stepped up raids after sheriffs stopped notifying it about the immigration status of people arrested. | President Trump's Department of Homeland Security frequently claims to be motivated by a dedication to law and order, but its immigration enforcement tactics are often directly contrary to local communities' legal and electoral choices. | Recent raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in North Carolina were a failed attempt to achieve by force what was soundly rejected at the ballot box last November: Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. ICE targeted places and people based on democ…

Incarceration Is a Deadly Health Risk: Former Chief Medical Officer of NYC Jails Speaks Out
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-02-26
The former chief medical officer of New York City jails has just published a remarkable new book about the health risks of incarceration. The book is titled "Life and Death in Rikers Island." Dr. Homer Venters offers unprecedented insight into what happens inside prison walls to create new health risks for incarcerated men and women, including neglect, blocked access to care, physical and sexual violence, and brutality by corrections officers. Venters further reveals that when prisoners become ill, are injured or even die in custody, the facts of the incident are often obscured. We speak to Dr. Venters and Jennif…

Prosecutors Have the Power to Stop Bad Roadside Drug Tests From Ruining People's Lives
ACLU | aclu.org | 2019-02-26
Local prosecutors can play a pivotal role in preventing flawed roadside tests from jeopardizing innocent people's liberty. | Three years ago on New Year's Eve, Dasha Fincher was arrested in Monroe County, Georgia, after the deputies performed an on-the-spot test of a bag of blue substance that they found in the car in which she was a passenger. The suspicious stuff in the bag came up positive for methamphetamines. After her arrest, the judge in her case set bail at $1…

Feds: Coast Guard Lieutenant Has Neo-Nazi Ties, Had Hit List of Targets
Brett Barrouquere and Heidi Beirich | splcenter.org | 2019-02-20
An active duty U.S. Coast Guard officer stationed at the service's Washington, D.C., headquarters sought to follow in the footsteps of a far-right European terrorist, a federal prosecutor said, and had a hit list of Democratic politicians and cable news hosts he wanted to kill.

Civil rights groups sue New Orleans for map of surveillance camera locations
splcenter | splcenter.org | 2019-02-20
Representing a Louisiana public defender, the SPLC and the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana today filed suit against the City of New Orleans over its refusal to provide a map of the city's 400 real-time surveillance cameras.

No EU cost for Israeli 'apartheid' in West Bank
patrick | bdsmovement.net | 2019-02-14
No EU cost for Israeli 'apartheid' in West Bank: In the NewsBy Andrew Rettman Sanctions and governmentsFebruary 14, 2019 | By: | | euobserver …

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